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The spaces we inhabit, dwellings and community centers, help to define the ways in which we live and socialize.  Secure, thoughtfully designed surroundings have the ability to improve lives and strengthen communities.  At K2A, we partner with non-profit and neighborhood organizations to serve our communities, providing homes for people lacking a stable living situation, and creating public spaces where neighbors can congregate.

As Architects, we utilize a design process that emphasizes community empowerment, facilitating community forums at which the owners, residents, and managers effectively participate in formulating the solution. Through this method of collaboration, we are able to customize spaces tailored to the needs and desires of the inhabitants, while creating a sense of ownership to the users of the project. We are particularly sensitive to special needs populations, and occupied facilities.

Our process is thoughtful, creative, and environmentally sound, achieving a balance between architectural aesthetic and functional efficiency.  In all of our projects, we see more than a building or complex - we see part of the community.


Martinelli House, San Rafael, CA
Derek Silva Community San Francisco, CA
Farmhouse Inn Expansion, Forestville, CA
Farmhouse Inn Guest Services, Forestville, CA
Midway Village Community Building San Mateo, CA
Farmhouse Inn Guest Services, Forestville, CA
Midway Village Community Building San Mateo, CA
Beth Israel-Judea Social Hall, San Francisco, CA
San Francisco Housing Authority, San Francisco, CA
Cova Hotel Renovation, San Francisco, CA
Hotel Fusion Renovation, San Francisco, CA
Pasadena Hotel Remodel, San Francisco, CA
Duboce Sanchez House, San Francisco, CA
San Francisco Conservation Corps., San Francisco, CA
Upper Noe Valley Rec Center, San Francisco, CA
388 Market Street Apts. San Francisco, CA


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