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The character of the workplace environment has changed drastically over the last few decades, with much more emphasis being placed on collaboration and a reliance on technology. Experience in programming and design of contemporary workspaces is a significant component to our professional practice at K2A; for public institutions, and commercial organizations.

The first step to designing a healthy and productive workplace begins by understanding the nature of the work being performed. We have a successful process that asks the right questions of our clients, and are skilled at uncovering the diverse needs and challenges of multiple departments - ensuring an active and efficient working environment. As designers, we look to current practices as well as anticipate future needs to ensure longevity of use.

Our goal is to create places for the personnel that are thoughtfully designed with proper ergonomics and environmental comfort. We have extensive knowledge of current finishes, furniture, and equipment; specifying materials that are durable, functional, and low-maintenance. Innovation in workplace design means a cost-effective and environmentally sustainable solution that offers flexibility of use for years to come.


HACA Administrative Offices, Hayward, CA
SF Human Services Agency Office Remodel,
     San Francisco, CA
Superior Court of CA, Hall of Justice Traffic Division,
     San Francisco, CA
J. David Gladstone Institute, San Francisco, CA
Quality Planning Corporation, San Francisco, CA
Tenant Office Improvements, 388 Market Street,    
     San Francisco, CA
Midway Village Offices, San Mateo, CA
Aspire Embarcadero Cove Office, Oakland, CA
K2A Architecture + Interiors Office, San Francisco, CA
Axys Pharmaceutical, Inc., South San Francisco, CA
Calypte Biomedical, Alameda, CA
Inhale Therapeutic System, Palo Alto, CA
Exhibitgroup Pacific Business Center, Fremont, CA

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